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CTI applications provide the ability to do one or more of the following:

  • Authenticate callers. Using one of several standard methods, the telephone number of the caller can be screened against a database.
  • Recognize a voice, either for authentication or for message forwarding
  • Using live, recorded voice, or touch-tone entered input, determine how to process a call (for example, by forwarding it to the appropriate person or department)
  • Provide interactive voice response (IVR) to callers
  • Match the number of a caller with a customer record and display it for reference when talking to the caller
  • Manage voice or video conferences
  • Collect and display pending live calls or messages that have been left by callers
  • Receive fax messages and route them to appropriate fax machines
  • For outbound calling such as telemarketing, predial callers
  • Based on call input, initiate a smart agent application to provide help with the caller"s request